Take a Guided Tour
The Outport Museum is a great place for the antique lover. Come browse more than 600 items on display! 
Take your time and walk through each of the rooms in this old 1940's home on own. Or, request a guided tour so you hear the full story of these antiques. Feel free to ask all the questions you like on a guided walk-through!

You'll find everything from tools to furniture, dishes to pictures, and books to cameras. Let your curiousity be aroused as you see objects and wonder how or what they were used for in everyday outport life. Look at a room dedicated to fishing gear and even see a model of how a cod trap works.

Tour guides dress in old outport style clothing from the 1940's. Come envision what life must have been like back then, and see how times have really changed! 

No need to use a washboard to clean your clothes, most homes don't have gramophones anymore and children's toys aren't made the way they used to be!

Ask about La Scie's rich history. Do you know why the french called it La Scie? It was because the hills around the community resemble the teeth of a saw! Sit and look through albums fulls of black and white pictures of La Scie and it's residents to find a distant relative. Census reports are laid out for viewing as well!

We will be happy to take you on a personal or group tour. Bus groups may call us ahead of time to schedule at 709-566-2090.