The Outport Tea Room just received word that it has been picked as one of the top places to eat in the country!
It is featured in the book"Where to Eat in Canada", a guide that is published every year by Oberon Press identifying the best restaurants to eat across Canada. 
Business owners cannot buy their way into this book. Reporters for the book are not allowed to reveal themselves and they cannot accept free meals or payment for listings.
The Outport Tea Room serves up traditional Newfoundland foods. The menu consists of everything from jiggs dinner, pea soup and dumplings, baked beans to grilled salmon and Crab Au Gratin. Desserts include homemade blueberry, apple, partridge berry, apricot and rubarb pies made with local fruits and berries.
We are open seven days a week and are proud to offer an all day breakfast.Customers are served by employees in old style outport clothing, and may even hear a sample of live traditional music when the owner pulls out his accordian. Many tourists have even found themselves learning how to play the 'ugly stick' after lunch! Dine inside, or take your food out on the patio and watch the boats that line the harbour - perhaps even catch a glimpse of an iceberg!
Great food and great atmosphere make this a special place to visit. Come find out for yourself why it was voted one of the top places to eat! To pick up your copy of 'Where to Eat in Canada' visit

What We're Cooking Up In the Kitchen

If you would like to book your group in for a meal in the Outport Tea Room call (709) 566-2090.