La Scie is a great place to do some iceberg and whale watching. You can stand on it's rugged coastline and snap pictures you'll want to frame!

Why not spend a night at Island Cove Park overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It offers fully serviced RV lots. Relax on your lawn chair and watch boats pull in and out of the La Scie harbour and travel along the coastline. Be patient and maybe even hear an iceberg founder and flip over!

Take the wooden stairs in the park that lead down to Island Cove. Pack a lunch and eat on a picnic table next to the ocean. If you're brave enough you can even go for a dip! This cove is a good spot to collect shells, driftwood, ocean glass and other debris the waves push up onto the shoreline. In the evening, light a fire on the beach and sit around to see the beautiful colors of the skyline as the sun sets.

La Scie has 4 kilometers of walking trails that stretch around the hills and take you near the waters edge. This is a great way to view the area, breathe in some of Newfoundland's fresh air, meet some locals, and if in season, pick some wild berries!

You can experience La Scie's french history for yourself when walk up to a french forge - a place the French used to make their fishing hooks and other iron objects back in the 1700's-1800's. Come to the Outport Museum and view many artifacts recovered from the earth belonging to the French. Get your picture taken next to a big anchor from a french vessel that was left in La Scie so many years ago. See for yourself the "Hendaia, a 1640 replicia of a small french fishing boat called a 'chaloupe' used to hunt whales and codfish. It sits on the property of the Outport Museum & Tea Room.
Things to see and do
Note: La Scie offers accomodations for the traveller. You will find a B&B, motel and fully serviced park in the community.